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With 7 showrooms in Ireland, btw is a top destination for tiles, bathrooms and wood floors. They provide excellent customer service, wide product ranges, reliable advice and value. Btw believes accessibility is key, but you should never compromise on quality and style.

They are experts in their industry – benefiting from 25 years’ experience, they strive to bring the best the world has to offer in terms of tiles, bathrooms and wood floors.

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Content Migration

BTW had hundreds of products and needed to easily carry across existing data from their old website and add new stock to the new site. Bradley were able to create a data import approach that saved a lot of time and stress for both BTW and our development team which included product images, titles, descriptions, meta data. Although they were not ready to start selling online, we built the new website in such a way that e-commerce could be activated with very little effort required to turn the site from a catalogue of products to one which customers can checkout with their purchases.

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